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The 2015-16 King's Match: Oxford Blues v. London Dragons in association with JDRF

November 28, 2015, 9:00pm

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Greetings, Kerbonauts! Kerbal Space Program 1.0 is what we envisioned when development of the game started four years ago: we set out to make a game in which the player is given ultimate control over the exploration of space: from designing their rockets to launching and flying them to their destinations, in a universe that was modelled to have be as realistic as possible while remaining fun to play in. However, our 1.0 release is more than just a new version number. It’s also the biggest update to the game we’ve ever done, and contains many new and updated features, plus improvements to just about every game system, which we’re sure will appeal to both newcomers and seasoned veterans. These are the highlights: The flight model has had a complete overhaul, meaning the lift is now calculated correctly to all lift-generating parts, which includes lifting bodies. Drag has also seen a revisit, and is now pre-calculated automatically based on the part geometry and is applied based on the orientation of a part in flight. A new heating simulation has been implemented together with the improved aerodynamics. Parts have individual radiative, conductive, and convective properties to properly simulate heat collection. Celestial bodies now accurately emit thermal radiation that makes nearby craft warmer. Finally, ablative heat shields have been added to protect the parts behind them from reentry heating. Also new: add fairings to your rockets! The final design of the fairing is left up to you: shape individual sections of fairing with an intuitive system that follows your mouse. Mousing over the fairing will make it transparent and will give you an exploded view, allowing you to access anything that's inside. Resources are a part of Kerbal Space Program 1.0 as well: set out to find Ore, which can be found throughout the Solar system, including on asteroids. There are scanners to find the Ore, drills to extract it, specialised holding tanks and a refinery unit to convert it into usable fuels. To help you find the ore new map overlays have been implemented on all celestial bodies, and new UI elements have been added to various pieces of equipment. There is a lot more we could talk about, but we’ll let you discover that on your own! We hope you will enjoy Kerbal Space Program 1.0 as much as we enjoyed making it. A full changelog is available at The update is now available on the KSPStore, Steam and GOG.

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Crazy to think that we closed our doors just over 1 year ago. Sad times. ... See MoreSee Less

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LAN centre in Headington, Oxford.